The Launch Of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in New York

GADGETINOW | (Thursday, 9/8/2018) Brooklyn, New York, United States. Samsung has done the official launch for their smartphone that is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Series Note this one became the successor of Note 8 a new glide a few months ago.

specs samsung galaxy note 9

Be one of Samsung's Flaghship series, Note 9 high specs it has.

The screen, the screen on the Note 9 has a width 6.4 inch with a resolution of QHD AMOLED and super panel that makes the screen on a smartphone is very unsightly.

Samsung Exynos 9810 Chipset pinned to the international market and China's market for 845 Snapdragon and USA.

Supported storage options with super large i.e. up to 512 GB and still could be coupled with a MicroSD slot makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a smartphone with the largest storage at this time.

For the cameras, just like its predecessor. Use a dual-camera on the back that supports super slow motion.

Special Note 9 this is Galaxy battery. Have a battery of 4000mAh make this smartphone into the right choice for you who are looking for a sophisticated smartphone with a large battery.

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